What We Do

Going solo can be a bit daunting. No more worry-free payslips with everything sorted for you. Now it’s between you and the taxman direct.

And it’s complicated. What kind of solution will work best for you? What are your long term financial goals? What are the best ways to secure more money for yourself?

Umbrella Company or Limited company ? There are advantages and disadvantages to both and, just as you’re an expert in your field, we’re experts in ours and can deliver the best solution for you.

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You + Clear = Savings

Umbrella Company

If you don’t want to set up your own company you can become our employee. Sounds a bit odd?

Let us explain briefly.


We do all the boring paperwork to make sure all your tax and National Insurance is sorted. We pay you as soon as your clients settle an invoice. It’s a great short term solution if you’ve just taken the first step to being solo.


Your net income will be lower compared to other self-employment options and you have less control If you would like to become an employee of our umbrella company just contact us.

Limited Company


You can have your own company name, on average you’ll take home more money, you can claim a wider range of expenses, use the flat rate VAT scheme, keep your personal assets safe in case of a problem, have greater control of your business and maybe even pay us less!


There’s a bit more paperwork for you to do, you need to make sure you file your accounts on time every year (but that’s what we’re here for), it’s a bit more costly if your contract is just for a few months and you decide to go back to permanent employment afterwards, and it’s not really ideal if you’re going to be invoicing less than £25000 a year.

Still not sure or keen to get the ball rolling? Contact us and let’s chat.