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Contracting Freelancing

Have you just secured your first contracting position? Or are you simply thinking about making the move into the contracting sector?

If yes, this is an exciting time in many ways. However at Clear we know from speaking to many contractors on a daily basis that understanding your options, paying taxes and finding a contractor accountant can be less exciting and even a bit daunting.

You can relax with Clear Accountancy Solutions; we know all about contracting and which option is best for you.

How to earn it

The single question we most often get asked is ‘which is the best way for me to be paid? PAYE through the agency/end client? Via an Umbrella company or should I set up my own limited company?’

The answer isn’t simple , it depends a lot on what your circumstances and long term goals are.

What is simple is asking us for our advice. We specialise in advising contractors as to what their options are and which option might be best.

We are able to offer both the umbrella company and the limited company option, so we are well placed to give you full information about both choices with a completely impartial opinion.

As with all of our services if you decide contracting is the way for you we will make sure you get as much help, support and advice that you need to give you complete peace of mind.  Peace of mind in that you have professionals looking after your financial affairs and helping you maximise your money, whilst at the same time knowing you are fully compliant with HMRC guidelines.

Are you still unsure about what your requirements are? It doesn’t matter, just give us a call and one of our expert consultants will explain everything to you in a clear way that you’ll understand.

Call us now and arrange your free, no obligation call with our business specialist.

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